Galaxy USA HK Ltd.

  associated with   Galaxy USA, Inc.

serving the diamond industry for over 25 years as a wholesaler of a vast range of loose diamonds and is capable of filling any size order. Galaxy is guaranteed to be competitive.

Galaxy maintains an exclusive collection of Natural Fancy Color GIA in all shapes, sizes and colors.

We specialize in vast range of loose diamonds, including...

** Certified Stones (GIA / EGL) Rounds & all Fancy Shapes

** Commercial Goods ranging from $100 to $5000per carat in Rounds & Fancy Shapes.

** Fancy Shapes – Marquises, Pear Shapes, Princess Cuts, Heart Shapes, Ovals, Emerald Cuts, Radiant Cuts, Asscher Cuts, Baguettes, and Trillions.

** +15 Goods – All sizes (0.15’s to 0.80’s) in All Colors (White, White Natts, TLB, TLB Natts, TLC) in All Clarities (heavy pique to VVS)

** Melees and Stars – In White, White Natts, TLB, TLB Natts, and TLC.

** Single Cut – All Sizes in White, White Natts, and TLB.

** Natural Fancy Colors – All Colors in All sizes at very competitive prices.

** Service – We will match pairs, make sets and do bagging as required.

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